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"Getting Started" teaches your dog 20 basic movements that you can use in canine musical freestyle dance routines. Sandra and her Giant Schnauzer, Jabberwocky, demonstrate how to teach your dog the dance movements in a step by step positive approach.

The moves are divided into 3 categories:

1. The 8 PARALLEL moves where the dog and handler move together.
2. The 6 CIRCLE moves where the dog moves by itself.
3. And 6 FLASHY moves that don't fit into the other two groups.

Following the instruction in each category, Sandra and her Border Collie, Pepper, perform a dance routine that features those movements.




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In the second video in her series, "Getting the Rhythm", Sandra covers the artistic aspects of creating a dance routine for you and your dog.

You will learn how she chooses and edits the music so that it has both the right length and content for an entertaining performance. Sandra also describes and demonstrates how she approaches choreographing a dance routine with her 8 year old Giant Schnauzer, Jabba.

Following a review of of 20 basic moves, this video provides the next step on the path to dancing with your dog.




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Sandra's third video, "Getting Applause," sets the stage for performing publicly with your dog.

She believes, a short, polished routine with interesting moves and clever costuming can dazzle any audience.

Here she presents her recipe for applause getting performances.

With her Border Collie, Pepper, Sandra demonstrates many advanced movements that they have developed from the 20 basic moves of their first video, "Getting Started." And several new movements have been added for good measure.

Using personal examples of mishaps in her own routines, Sandra points out ways of avoiding embarrassment on stage.

The progression from teaching your dog all the basic moves (Getting Started), through selecting and editing music and choreographing your first dance (Getting the Rhythm), to advancing your movements and presenting a polished performance, will help every dance team in Getting Applause.




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