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Dancing with your Dog:

The Book

This book is the written and enhanced version of Sandra's 3 instructional canine musical freestyle videos, "Dancing with your Dog" Getting Started; Getting the Rhythm; and Getting Applause. With detailed instruction on how to perform each dance move and illustrations by Tina Martin, you will have a step-by-step diagram for teaching your dog the freestyle moves. The spiral binding allows ready access to the learning material.

The BOOK is presented as a "dance program." The PROLOGUE prepares you for teaching your dog to dance with you.

ACT I: GETTING STARTED covers how to teach 22 basic canine freestyle dance moves: 6 CIRCLE moves; 6 FLASHY moves; and 10 PARALLEL moves.

ACT II: GETTING THE RHYTHM covers the artistic aspects of creating freestyle dances with your dog. It explains how to edit a song to include the content you want and fit a time period for a dance routine; and how to choreograph a simple practice dance for your dog.

ACT III: GETTING APPLAUSE provides 7 ingredients for success, along with explanations of how to develop more interesting and crowd-pleasing variations from the 22 basic canine freestyle moves. It also tells the reader how to avoid mishaps and embarrassments while performing publicly.

This BOOK is a complete canine musical freestyle dance course; however, the demonstrations and dance performances in the 3 instructional videos can be an additional resource.

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The Musical Freestyle Moves: canine musical freestyle dog obedience dogs

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